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Видеорегистратор Night Vision Car DVR Camera,Super 10 Infrared LEDS,Night Vision Car DVR , Night Vision Car Camera P7000

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Start Vehicle Travelling Data Recorder

l         Power On/ Off

Press the power button  for a few seconds to get powered on. Then the blue indicator light will be illuminated.

Press the power button  again for a few seconds to get powered off. Then the blue indicator light will go out.

Note: Vehicle travelling data recorder will power off automatically after an indication of low battery.

l         Infrared Night Vision Switch

Press  shortly to activate Infrared Night Vision function in standby or working mode.

Press  again shortly to close Infrared Night Vision function.

l         Battery Charge

There are three ways to charge the battery. The red indicator light will be illuminated during the charge. The whole process takes about 180 minutes. The red indicator light will then go out after the charge is completed.

1:Charge with the Power Supply Adapter

2:Charge with the PC-USB

3:Charge with the In-Car Power Supply

l         Insert Memory Card

Following the direction silk-screened on the recorder, push the SD card straight into the slot until a click is heard.


    Remove the card: push the SD card forward and the card will be popped out automatically.

l         Overturn the LCD

The LCD can be overturned at an angle of 90 degrees backward.

l         Structure

1)Camera Fill Light              2)Lens              3)Speaker

4)OK key                      5)Power Switch         6)MODE key

7)Microphone                  8)RESET Hole         9)Car Bracket Interface

10)AV-OUT                   11)USB interface        12)MENU key

13)Infrared Receiver Port        14)HDMI-OUT          15)SD Card Holder

Main Operations:

l         Switch between Video, Photo and Playback mode

Press MODE key to switch between Video, Photo and Playback mode

l         System Setting

Press MENU key shortly to enter video output setting. The background of Video Output Setting column is blue at the moment. Press MENU key again shortly to switch to system setting. Now the column background of Setting column is blue. Press MENU key again shortly to exit.

l         Video

Press OK key to activate video recording function from standby and press OK key again to stop.

l         Photograph

Press OK key to activate photo taking function from standby.

l         Video/ Photograph Playback

1:Press MODE key shortly to switch to video playback mode.

2:Select the target file by moving MENU key upward to downward.

3:Press OK key to play or stop the playing of the file.

4:Press MENU key downward shortly to select fast forward mode during playing.

5:Press OK key to zoom the photo while viewing.

l         Connected to PC

1:When it is connected to Pc by USB data line, camera screen shows the picture of linkup while the blue indicator light is illuminated. Wait for a few seconds.

2:The PC will recognize the mobile storage disk automatically.

Note:Computer operation system supported:Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7,MAC OS × 10.3.6

3:View and manage files on the PC.

4:Remove the USB data line and the video recorder will be powered off automatically.

Note: Crashing caused by mishandling can be solved by removing the battery or press the Reset key and then power on.

l         Product Features

u       Built-in low-light and high-quality sensor, capable of capturing clear pictures in a variety of occasions

u       Day/ Night mode, a variety of built-in scenes for selection

u       Intellectual control of infrared fill light

u       Built-in microphone/ speaker

u       Support high-capacity SD card

u       Support recording function while charging

u       Loop video recording, that is deleting old files and then recording new ones automatically

u       Power-efficient mode

l         Specification

LCD Size


Camera Lens

140 degree A+ class, high-resolution and ultra-wide-angle lens


A variety of languages are supported.

Recorded Video


Recorded Video Format


Photograph Mode


Photo Format


Memory Card




Built-in Sound Equipment


Infrared Night Vision


Video Output


Video Format


Current Frequency


USB Interface

USB 2.0

Power Interface

5V 800ma


High-capacity removable battery

Remote Control


Packaging Details
Unit Type:
Package Weight:
0.3kg (0.66lb.)
Package Size:
15cm x 13cm x 10cm (5.91in x 5.12in x 3.94in)
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